Welcome to spheniscus, my site dedicated to the free Linux operating system, my dogs and a few (modest) programs I have developped over the years.

The Linux operating system

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Linux is a free *nix like operating system. To be accurate, "linux" is only the kernel, the "heart" of the operating system, developped by Linus Torvalds.

To use Linux, one needs to add a lot of other programs that together lets you use the operating system. These programs must be compiled against compatible libraries, and it helps (a lot!) to have some installation program that lets you configure and install your system.

All these things together make a distribution. there are many ways to achieve this, and many more choices to be made, that's why there are so many distributions around. From the "easy to install for beginners" to the "Compile and tweak everything to your taste", there are distributions for every taste.

If you understand how to use a computer, Linux is NOT difficult to learn to use - this is an old tale from the first years, when there was as good as no installer. But you must learn how *nix works to use it.
If you're not willing, no problem: stick to what you're using. But if your are willing, Go to the next pane to get more information about the distributions I like - there is always a distribution for you...


Linux distributions

Here are descriptions and comments of my favourite distributions. This is what I think after using them - feel free to disagree (Linux is a free world!)

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So true....


Some pictures of my dogs


Programs and other tutorials

This section leads to some modest programs that I have written over time, to help solve tasks I had to solve. they are nothing extraordinary, but they did work (and some still do). There are also some tutorials, how I did things - you may find some useful

Programs written in Basic, RealBasic and tcl/tk.
DownloadDatafish, Gestbourse, Picsou, Metacity Configurator

How to install systems on computers - Linux on an EEE PC,
Linux on a PowerBook,
... Most are obsolete.

Linux on a Single Board Computer - Linux on an Raspberry Pi, Linux on an Odroid, Linux on an Up Board


About the webmaster

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Thierry de Coulon

He is a biologist and computer freak,
He uses Linux most, but OS X too,
Windows only if there is no other way.
He believes he'll be reborn as a penguin :)

His other sites:
www.decoulon.ch about his Family (in French).
www.dieuestmort.ch about Religion and Philosophy (in French).